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Let Acid House Originator DJ Pierre’s Raw and Raucous New Track “The Drive” Take You For a Trip

Do you love acid? Do you actually? Do you actually really love acid? Do you wake up each morning yearning for a pre-breakfast dose of it? When your head hits the pillow after a day of thinking about acid, do you find yourself slipping into an acid-soaked slumber, waking up at hourly intervals determined to find more acid, screaming the word “acid” over and over again until your throat burns and your ears start to bleed? We reckon the guys that run record label and club night I Love Acid do.

To celebrate the tenth release on the imprint, they’ve got original acid dons DJ Pierre, Hardfloor, Luke Vibert, and Posthuman (AKA the guys who run the label) to each turn in a punishing jet of white-hot 303 squawking. We’re delighted to be bringing you an exclusive listen to Pierre’s devastatingly dark rumbler “The Drive” right here on THUMP. It’s a big squelchy acid house banger and it’s even got a really satisfying SoundCloud waveform! What more could you want? Nothing. Nothing at all.

Check out “The Drive” in full.

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