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Get Physical reissues Phuture’s ‘We Are Phuture’ with new DJ Pierre remixes

The 1988 acid tune gets another look following the passing of Earl “DJ Spank Spank” Smith.

Get Physical Music released a new EP based around Phuture’s “We Are Phuture” today.

The group, made up of DJ Pierre, Herb J and Earl Smith, introduced the Roland TB-303 to house music production and changed the course of dance music forever. In 1988, however, a year after the release of Acid Tracks, founding member Pierre recalls “They said acid was dead. Spanky and I refused to believe that. So I wrote the words to [‘We Are Phuture’]. It was in direct defiance to people wanting to put us and the movement to rest.”

The new EP from the German label includes a remastered version of the original and three new versions by DJ Pierre: a 2016 mix, a “Dark Matter” version and a new take commemorating the late Phuture member Earl “DJ Spank Spank” Smith, who died last month. DJ Pierre also recently opened a new club called WildPitch in Atlanta.

01. We Are Phuture (2016 Mix)
02. We Are Phuture (DJ Pierre’s Dark Matter Remix)
03. We Are Phuture (Spankey’s Spirit Survive’s Remix)
04. We Are Phuture (Original 1988 Mix – Remastered)

We Are Phuture is out now via Get Physical Music.

Source: Resident Advisor


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