Najel Monteiro

Dutchman with a difference, Najel Monteiro is a very promising and multifaceted artist.

The Rotterdam based producer/dj has been making music since he was 16 years old. He started out with using a DAW and was hooked on making music. But he felt that his productions didn’t sound how he wanted – especially the tightness of the sequencer was something he didn’t like. So he started buying hardware to feel more connected to his productions and wanted to do it how it was done in the early days of techno, because the groove is what’s most important to him. He started to love the analog equipment for the grittiness and the fact that a loop never sounded exactly the same. The imperfections made his productions feel more human. Now he makes all his beats live and records it into his daw where he puts the last finishing touches on.

Hi’s energetic productions have caught support from the likes of Ben Sims, Truncate, Derrick May, Laurent Garnier and Marcel Dettmann to name but a few.

Released on: DNA, Forte Techno, Deadcert Records, Induxtriall Records.The young and driven Rotterdam native is one to keep an a close eye on, already a major asset to the club culture with regular appearances around the city and beyond

Territory of Representation: Worldwide