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The AM, also known as Ann-Marie Teasley is a Techno DJ that started out as a classical violinist in Detroit, MI.

Raver turned techno upstart kicked off her entrance as a DJ on NTS radio in 2019. Then began playing at various clubs around Detroit making a mark by showcasing her dexterity in mixing essential techno and electro. After teaming up with Scan7 for live techno works , The AM and Mr. Hooper (the youngest member of Scan7), formed HLX-1.

Being the new kid on the block, The AM quickly caught on to writing and vocals in the studio, and the duo began playing live sets and produced their first EP “I Dream of Acid” after releasing four singles in February 2021. Their first single “I Can Tell” Was featured on Beatprot’s “Top 50 Tracks of 2020” list. While the “I Dream of Acid” EP stunned listeners with a remix of the title track by DJ Maaco aka Detroit In Effect. The most recent EP “Come To Me,” which is a Sci-Fi venture was released May 7, 2021 on a brand new label called Seclusion13130 in France.

While continuing her work as a DJ The AM has since been featured on DJ Mag’s top 100 DJ’s virtual festival powered by Beatport, and released her first solo production ‘Vision,” released on July 23, 2020.

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